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Why buy Overhead Door™ Openers vs Box Store Brands

Warranty: When you buy anything from a box store, whether that be a garage door opener or a garage door, you are only going to get the manufacturer warranty. If the product is bought from a dealer, we will warranty the installation as well as the manufacturer warranty. Not only that, but this makes future repairs much easier because the technician should have the necessary parts and pieces available on the service truck vs. the owner having to contact the manufacturer themselves to obtain the correct part number.

Quality: Box store brands are made by the same companies as dealer brands, but with cheaper hardware and parts. This is one of the main reasons you may find it cheaper, and hard to price match, because as much as a product looks to be the same, it is not. The hardware is going to be lower gauge and less sturdy, whereas a dealer is going to provide professional grade, heavy hardware for the install of the same brand. The biggest difference in box store brands vs dealer brands is the operator rail. The box store is going to sell you a three-piece rail vs. a one-piece rail from a dealer. So, what is the difference? A three-piece rail is going to flex more, and not stay as rigid, which in turn puts more strain on your door which could cause future issues. The reason they are selling a less sturdy rail is because it is more efficient for the box store to package and ship.

Tax, Shipping & Time: Ever get to the end of your online cart, go to checkout, and you have an additional $200 in tax? Maybe even shipping? A door dealer has the tax already built in. Garage door companies come to you. We come to you to measure and make sure no mistakes are made before an order is placed on their end.

Support Local: Now more than ever it is so important to support our local Reno community. When you shop local, a large percent-age of the money spent is pumped back into the local economy, and helps with schools, the community, jobs and wages, and other entrepreneurs who want to develop their products and services. Overhead Door™ of Sierra Nevada, Reno™ has been locally family owned for over 40 years, please call us today to schedule an appointment.


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“I'd give them 6 stars if I could. I had an emergency, it's really cold and my garage door came off the track. Not a good position to be in. I called Overhead Door and they fitted me in the same day. The repairman was great and they didn't charge me extra for an emergency. He just fixed it and I was good to go. Highly recommended!”
- Rob Z.

“Great service and great employees. I called when my garage door was having issues consistently going up/down this winter. They were able to schedule service asap. The service guy (forgot his name) called on his way out and was here exactly on time. Come to find out, the door was hung crooked (not by them)! He fixed it, serviced it as well as my other door all for only the call fee. Highly recommend these guys. Very professional and very fair.”
- Megan W.